Trauma Protection

Would you be seen as a valuable employer if you were to provide financial support for your employees should they suffer a trauma and be unable to work?

Trauma Protection

shutterstock 296761772Being faced with a serious illness is a challenging and daunting proposition in any situation. Offering your employees Trauma Protection can help provide support and security in these difficult circumstances by reducing the potential financial impact of a serious diagnosis.

The types of conditions covered by Trauma Protection often mean that even if an employee can eventually return to work this may be in a reduced capacity, and there may still be significant lifestyle changes associated.The lump sum payment offered through Trauma covers can therefore be instrumental in helping to meet these costs and reduce financial stress.

Under Trauma Protection Insurance there is usually a specified list of conditions which would qualify a covered employee for payment. There are up to 47 different conditions covered including:

  • Cancer
  • Heart conditions
  • Major head trauma
  • Stroke 

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