Medical Insurance

Did you know Employees put more value on the offer of medical insurance then any other employee benefit?

Medical Insurance

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Helping to look after employees' health is valued more highly by many staff members than any other employee benefit. Health Insurance and other medical covers are therefore a hugely important drawcard for potential new employees, and one which provides added security and peace of mind for all involved. In addition, its important to remember organisations often largely depend on their people; so ensuring employees remain healthy is a great way to benefit your business.    

Comprehensive health and wellness programmes may have the following outcomes:

  •  Increased productivity
  • Provides for a more competitive remuneration package
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Company is seen to be a good employer
  • Reduces the business risk associated with non-availability of key staff
  • Improve Staff retention

The main reasons why staff rate subsidised health insurance so highly are:

  • They feel their employer genuinely takes an interest in their wellbeing and wants to assist in looking after their health
  • It provides comfort in knowing that if unforseen medical treatment is needed the employee would have some assistance
  • Many of them will go on to claim and receive some tangible benefits on their health insurance

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