Employee Benefit Schemes

Do you like to build staff loyalty, improve staff retention, improve productivity be seen as an Employer that cares about the well-being of their employees and have that point of difference?

Medical Insurance

Did you know Employees put more value on the offer of medical insurance then any other employee benefit?

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Income Protection

If one of your employees was unable to work due to illness or a disability do you think you would be seen as an Employer who cares about the financial well-being of your staff?

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Life Protection

Would you be seen as a valuable employer if you were to provide financial support for your employees families should they die?

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Trauma Protection

Would you be seen as a valuable employer if you were to provide financial support for your employees should they suffer a trauma and be unable to work?

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Total and Permanent Disability Protection

Total and Permanent Disability cover gives employees security if they become disabled and are unable to return to work for the rest of their lives.

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The most valuable asset of any business is its "People".

I help businesses build staff loyalty and improve staff retention by designing, implementing and managing a plan based on your HR strategy, your needs and budget of your business.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from keeping their people healthy and happy by implementing an Employee Benefit Scheme tailored to its own specific needs, strategy, and budget.

What Are the Benefits of an Employee Benefit Scheme?

  • Promotes employee loyalty and a positive workplace environment and culture. 
  • Skilled employees are attracted, motivated and retained by employers who provide insurance benefits.
  • Increased productivity
  • Provides for a more competitive remuneration package
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Company is seen to be a good employer  
  • Reduces the business risk associated with non-availability of key staff
  • Provides peace of mind for employees and their families in the event of death, terminal illness, trauma, permanent or temporary disability and hospitalisation. 

Let me find the right benefit strategy  for your business.

To talk about how I can help you and your business please feel free to ring me on 03 961-3779 or email gordon@thinice.co.nz