Business Insurance

Whether you're a small or medium sized business or partnership, you want to ensure your company has a contingency plan in place that protects the business revenue / key people / shareholders and debt.

Key Person Insurance

If a key person is affected by continuing illness or injury or death would this have an impact on your companies revenue?

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Business Succession Planning

The death or disability of an owner is one of the greatest threats to a business. Do you have a Contingency Plan in place to cope with such an event?

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Debt Protection

Is your company debt vulnerable to creditors stepping in if you died or suffered a trauma or disability?

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Share Holder Agreements

The loss of a shareholder or business partner can have a dramatic impact on your business. Would your business survive if something unexpected happened to one of the owners?

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ACC for Businesses

Are you on the correct ACC Cover?

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Keep things moving with Business Insurance options tailored to you.

As a business owner, its often important to be around to manage the everyday operations and oversee certain aspects. There are ways, however, to ensure your business can continue to run if you were unable to be there yourself for a length of time.

Business Insurance can provide security and protection in a number of ways, and these options can be tailored to work in the best way possible for your business. From Key Person Insurance to Business Succession Planning, there is a range of opportunities for increased peace of mind and protection.

Let me find the right cover for your business.

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