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"The 7 biggest mistakes you must never commit when you decide on protecting your family and business"


Easy – Quick - Clear-cut Claims 100 Risk Free Guaranteed

"We're there for You at Your Claim Time"


  • Help you at every step of the claim.
  • Personally call to complete claim form together.
  • Collect and collate all data needed for claims to proceed - Medical & Financial
  • Work with Insurer and your Allied Professional Advisers to get claims paid as quickly as possible. Example: Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers, Medical Specialists.
  • Work with you on rehabilitation when required.
  • Be someone to help you, to talk to.

The 7 biggest Mistakes you must never commit when you decide on protecting your family and business

My Service Offer Guaranteed!    

  • We establish what your financial goals are if the unexpected happens.

    100 Risk Free Guaranteed

  • We look at your current resources and then provide you with a clear, concise report outlining any gaps you may have in your current plan.
  • We recommend solutions to close the gaps, so you don't fall through the cracks. 
  • Help you implement your new plan. 
  • Contact you annually to ensure that the plan is still appropriate to your needs. 
  • You will receive regular newsletters full of tips, updates and any changes in your insurances. 
  • We assist you managing any claims you may have, to support you and remove unnecessary stress.